Bharat Tripathi

Bharat immigrated to the US in 1977 from India and was educated as a civil engineer.  He worked in the construction of infrastructure in Chicago, IL. After moving to California in 1979, he worked in the area of Seismic analysis of the Nuclear Power plants. As a result of drastic changes in the nuclear industry, he started his own commercial printing business. He successfully owned and operated a successful printing business for 30 years. He now brings a unique set of entrepreneurial skills and customer service to help make the most for his clients at JBI.


Having hands-on experience in running a business and navigating through industries' complex compliance and government regulations, Bharat is a natural leader and professional self-starter with the ability to inspire team members. He always attributes his success to his enthusiasm and providing the best customer service by putting customers’ interests first, making customers' needs a priority and making every day a practice in winning customers’ trust. His business experience and dedication to helping customers are most important to JB Insurance Services. 


Bharat has spent over 20 years volunteering in the community, assisting with non-profit organizations such as the Kiwanis Club of San Jose, holding the position of Secretary and Board Member, networking and volunteering at TiE, the organization to fostering entrepreneurship. He is the lead volunteer for the conferences for the Business Competition and Global idea Competition for The Clean Tech Open in Redwood City, volunteered at Santa Clara County Voting Center for the last four years, and he has volunteered in various religious organizations.


In his spare time, Bharat spends time with his wife, 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren.