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Mary (Brucie) Smith

Having spent over 30 years as a health educator, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate & educate my clients about their health care options.  Educating and advocating for patients has been a great passion and quite meaningful for me. My experience has taught me that every person has very specific and different needs when it comes to planning for their health care options.  In addition, being multilingual in 5 languages has been a great asset for my customers who have found it difficult to connect with someone who really understands them.

As a licensed Medicare agent my number one goal is making sure my clients get the education, support, and advocacy they need to make the right decision for their unique health care needs. As we all transition in life I look forward to embracing new challenges, enjoying life as it unfolds, and helping others along the way to find the answers and solutions they need to these very important decisions about their future health and well-being.


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