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Astrid Lopez

Astrid is a native of Colombia and has lived in San Francisco for more than 30 years.  Her experience as an entrepreneur co-founding 2 businesses for her family,  Elite Sport Soccer & Artillery AG, led her to realize the great need that exists to understand the financial system and the tax laws of this country.  That's how Astrid entered  in the Financial Industry, becoming an Independent  Licensed Insurance Broker specializing in Life, Health and Medicare plans.

Astrid loves connecting the community with information sources and services. Creating collaborative work to create better informed communities is her mission. Astrid Loves to work with seniors that are lost in the Medicare maze.  To reach more Hispanic seniors in California with accurate and clear information about Medicare, Astrid has program on the  Radio called "Made in California"   To listen this program dial 1010 KIQI AM every Monday At 10 am.

For Astrid, Physical, Mental and Spiritual health is a priority, and one of its resources is meditation and exercise. The Bikran & Kundalini Yoga practice facilitates her goal. In her free time she loves being in nature, listening to instrumental music, reading and watching sunsets.  Astrid enjoys being with family and friends,  and especially playing with her grandson Amate.

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